Certified Defensive Driving Classes can save you money!!!

July 22, 2017

Did you know that a six hour Defensive Driver course taught at a Georgia certified state school could save you money? Here's how:

Georgia law allows the removal of up to seven (7) points off your license every five years with an approved Defensive driving course. These courses run $95, a state set price, could potentially save you thousands in auto insurance. The Virginia Driver Improvement Academy offers these classes one on one and in group setting.

Courts routinely dismiss speeding tickets with the completion of a certified Defensive Driver Course. By taking the course in lieu of simply pleading guilty and having it go on your driving record you could save hundred of dollars.

Have a great driving record? You're in luck as well. By taking a Defensive Driver course you could save up tp 15% on your auto policy. Most insurance companies will provide this discount once you present your completion certificate to your agent

As a rule of thumb, if you will be submitting your completion certificate to the state or to the court system, you will be required to pay $95. This price is set by the state for all driving schools. If you paid less, you may not be provided the correct certificate.

Any questions you my have regarding Defensive Driving courses, please contact me at info@thewiserdriver.com or give me a call at 770-568-5060.