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Serving Prince William County, Northern Virginia and the Tidewater areas with DMV-approved, affordable driver improvement education. Don't waste your money on an unproven driver improvement program. Learn from a retired police officer and DMV-approved instructor, who is state-certified to teach driver improvement. Classroom and online lesson options are available!.



Virginia courts regularly send drivers to our school to fulfill driver education requirements. Regardless of the violation type and number of points on your license, you can trust that our curriculum will be trusted by the courts.

Virginia Driver Improvement Academy is the only driver improvement school in Prince William County led by current law enforcement. You can trust that the information you receive will not only fulfill your requirements, but will also be taught in an interesting manner by an expert who can teach you how to avoid a similar outcome in the future.

Our course is taught by a police detective with over 25 years of law enforcement experience. Contact us to learn more.


Just got a text from my lawyer. Case was dismissed from reckless to dismissed..thanks to a good lawyer and a good driving instructor. …thanks for all you’ve done.

I Don’t see how you answer so many VDOT and other questions in a smooth way during your class….personally I liked (never seen it before) the section on mirror adjustments. ..made sense..went home and adjusted and told all 4 family drivers about the way to use mirrors…learned something……thanks phil

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